Zac Roberts - Videographer

​Being a young aspiring film maker, he brings a huge creative edge to our video work.  He also has a degree in Film and Video Production so he has the technical knowledge to back up his talent.  He especially enjoys shooting skateboarding videos/short films with a huge attention to the look of the genre.

Whittni Murphy- Photographer

She has a very trendy style of photography.  If you looked up photography book worm in the dictionary, there'd be picture of Whittni soaking up every every different technique, or tip lol.  Her photography is constantly evolving and she demands the best from herself.  

Michael Wheeler - Videographer 

​Consider Mike a jokester with a big heart.  I'm always flipping through footage and finding pictures and video of him making faces at the camera.  He's the perfect dose of fun on a long day.  Make no mistake though, he takes his job very seriously and it shows.  He also has a degree in Film and Video Production and works for Action News 5, where he has worked his way up through the ranks.  

Kayla Gardner - Photographer

If I didn't know any better, I'd swear she works for the post office because when it's crunch time, she delivers!  A mother of two, her work is vibrant and fun and she loves to highlight the candid moments of a wedding day.  

Matt Williams - Photoshop Guru

​Want a relative removed from a family photo because you don't like them? Done.  Want a Star Wars X-Wing added to the background of your wedding photo? Done.  I haven't been able to throw this aficionado a curveball yet!  He produces amazing work because he takes his time and focuses on the tiny details.

If I told you this was a one man show, I'd be lying 100%!  I can honestly say, as owner of In Focus AV, I have the best team around!  When we started this business in July of 2012, I had no idea it would turn into something so deep and meaningful.  It has really blossomed into something bigger and more beautiful than I could have imagined and everyone has continued to be there every step of the way.  

Nick Bussey - Owner 

​I have a degree in Film and Video Production, a passion for photography, and a knack for all things AV.  I'm obsessed with the details and making sure things go as smooth as possible.  I'm dedicated to our customers and strive to produce completely professional results at an affordable price.  I'm down to earth and desire to build a relationship with our customers.   

Hannah Minear - Photographer

She brings a style to our work that is new, fresh, and full of life.  She's humble, and passionate about her work.  She takes her time, editing every photo, and giving her photos their own thread of character.  I honestly think she'd "go uphill both ways" in the pouring rain for the chance to get her camera out.

The Dream Team

John Dyer - Too much list

If I had to be honest, Jonathan is an extension of me...he does it all!  He fills in wherever he's needed and has plenty of experience in every area so he's the perfect mini me.  He's always got his camera or his drone out and spends  a lot of his free time doing photography and aerial video for the local fire departments.

Kevin Hall - Videography Extraordinaire

​He has a degree in Film and Video Production.  He does whatever it takes to get a great shot and his editing shows his attention to detail.  He's able to look at new direction with practical eyes and keep me in line!